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A word from the LVP...
Posted On: Oct 27, 2017

A word from your Local Vice President…

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Local I66. I’m writing you this message today, to be transparent in my work as LVP.

Contract Negotiations Preparation Committee:

The contract survey was completed several months ago and lots of ideas came out of it. All the ideas were compiled into the “Top 30” list, see Contract Survey results on the web site.

The committee will now start researching the topics and offer recommendations for them. The goal is to have options for each one, when bought up in negotiations.

The committee members should start seeing emails about their topic, from me through the I66 web site.

Member Contact Information:

A complaint I receive often from members is “I haven’t heard anything lately for the Eboard”. I respond “We send out text and emails often, don’t you get them”? The answer is “NO”.

A quick check of the member contact area shows a lot of members don’t have any contact information listed, other than their name. If you want to be informed, you must add your contact information. Facebook is not for official Union business.

Cellphone, email and home address is needed, for Union business and messages.

Air it Out Meetings:

The 1st meeting was held on Sept. 26th, in Everett. There were close to 20 members in attendance. This was not an official Union meeting, but a time to talk about whatever needed to be talked about. No official minutes were taken, but all the talk was surrounding the upcoming contract.

The 2nd meeting will be held on Nov. 8th, in Tacoma. I hope there are more members at this one. The goal is to have different voices, then the 1st meeting.

Last Words:

As members talk amongst themselves, remember the history of this Local. Local I66 was formed in the year 2000 and negotiated its 1st contract in October 2000. Local I66 has only had 4 contracts and is working toward the 5th. No contract has been fare for all members, but has worked for the majority.

Stay safe Brothers and Sisters!!

Phil Childs - I66 Local Vice President

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